Hemp Protein Benefits

I’ve been adding organic hemp protein powder to my Shakeology daily for well over a year now.  Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about hemp.  I never really knew much about it other than that it’s a great plant source of protein, it’s very affordable, and it’s an easy add-in to my Shakeology to get some added nutritional benefits without a lot of extra time or effort.  With the intense P90XINSANITY, and Body Beast workouts I do regularly, I need to fuel my body with as much good stuff as possible.

Because of all these questions and my own curiosity, I decided to do a little research on hemp and create this writeup about it.  A lot of people have the ideas that hemp is strange, is closely related to marijuana, and that it is possible to become high from hemp.  It turns out that none of these are true.

What is Hemp? – Hemp Protein Benefits

The low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) species of the Cannabis sativa plant is more commonly known as hemp.  There are around two thousand species of the plant and around 90% of them are used to produce seeds, medicinal psychoactive oils, or fiber because they contain a low grade THC.  The hemp plant is one of the earliest indigenous species known to man.

Hemp Protein Benefits

Industrial Hemp Plant – Hemp Protein Benefits

Hemp has many industrial uses; it is used to make paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, bio-fuel, body products, health food, and construction products such as Insulation and Hemcrete.  Many countries grow hemp legally and these countries include China, Spain, Korea, North Africa, Ireland, France and Japan.  Hemp food products have grown considerably, but the plant tends to be associated with marijuana (hemp’s THC-rich cousin).

Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana – Hemp Protein Benefits

Both hemp and marijuana are very different varieties of the same plant species, the Cannabis sativa L, and there are numerous types of Cannabis.

Marijuana has a low CBD (cannabidiol) content and high (delta-9 THC) content.  The CBD content cuts off the psychoactive consequence of the THC within the nervous system.  All plants of the Cannabis genus contain a chemical that induces a psychoactive reaction and a chemical that will stop it.  If the drug is cultivated illegally then it will have a THC content ranging from 3% to 20%.  The proportionality of THC to CBD may be less than one.

Conversely, hemp has a low THC content; in general it is grown separately from marijuana.  You cannot get a high from hemp; in fact the plant has a THC content of just 0.01-0.03%.

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a propagated variety of Cannabis with a low THC.  Hemp is used for its fiber, seeds, and oil.

Hemp Nutrition – Hemp Protein Benefits

Most people realize that it is important to have sufficient protein intake; some diets are extremely short of healthy proteins.  A lot of Standard American Diet (SAD) meals are loaded with carbohydrates and fat.  There are numerous protein powders on the market so people who do not eat sufficient protein can add protein powders to their diet.  Soy and whey protein are popular but the hemp protein that has recently been introduced is fast gaining popularity.  There are a lot of reasons why hemp protein is becoming a sought-after dietary supplement.  Our bodies need essential amino acids, and hemp contains those.  But how does hemp protein make you healthier, and what are the hemp protein benefits?

Hemp protein has a lot of health benefits that include:

1. Energy levels will be increased – The human body needs a 3:1 ratio of EFA (essential fatty acids) and hemp contains the right amount.  We are able to source energy from these fatty acids and they help to make our circulation stronger.

2. Food cravings will be reduced – the fiber in hemp protein clears our systems and makes our stomachs feel full.  If our stomachs feel full then we are likely to eat less and weight loss occurs.

3. Hemp protein helps to rebuild muscle and helps us to develop new muscles – Athletes and those who exercise a lot will find this helpful.

4. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure may be lowered.

5. The immune system will be strengthened.

The market is flooded with protein supplements, but proteins in hemp are in line with those already in the human body.  Hemp protein contains the correct amount of amino acids so the body can ingest the protein and use it to its maximum potential.  There are many sources of plant protein but hemp contains more albumin and globulin than any other plant.


Smart Basics Organic Hemp Protein High Fiber Drink Mix -- 16 oz for 8 bucks

Smart Basics Organic Hemp Protein High Fiber Drink Mix — 16 oz for 8 bucks

The news about Omega-3 fats has been positive, and those fats greatly benefit our health.  If we take Omega-3 in the right amounts then we should combine it with Omega-6.  Hemp protein contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats. Research has shown that these fats can aid depression and improve memory.

There is no gluten in hemp protein which is good news for those with Celiac disease.  Those who follow kosher or Vegan diets can have hemp protein too.  The protein contains no oligosaccharides that are noted for causing upset stomachs.

If you want to remain healthy and build muscle then you should take note of the hemp protein benefits.  Why should you take it?  Hemp seeds are entirely natural, they contain lots of muscle- building proteins and amino acids, and the protein is highly soluble and efficient.  Hemp protein travels directly to the weakest muscles.  Organic Hemp is full of fabulous protein, natural oils, and seeds.

How I Add Organic Hemp Protein Powder to My Shakeology

Hemp Protein Benefits – Conclusion

Although hemp was unfamiliar to you prior to reading this article, it is a truly superior source of protein from which everyone can benefit.  Hemp protein is a great alternative to many of the health-wrecking protein options in today’s Standard American Diet (SAD).  Although illegal to grow in the United States for some unfortunate reasons, it is imported from other countries and is widely available at a very affordable price.  I strongly encourage you to incorporate hemp protein into your diet so you can enjoy these hemp protein benefits.  Below is a link to the cheapest organic hemp protein powder I have found online.

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Yours In Health,



Stewart Forscher, Team Get Super Fit

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