Beachbody Success Club Conference – Disney World – March 2013

Kristi Kurtis, 4-Star Diamond, was the first speaker of the morning.  She started w/ Beachbody 2 years ago at age 25.  She wanted to fire her boss.  She didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck.  She didn’t want boss to control her time, pay, and vacation.  At her 1 year mark, Kristi was making same amount at Beachbody as full-time job.  When she was converted from salary to commission, she was told to be thankful she had a job.  She wanted to leave job, but she was nervous about it.  After another 6 months, Kristi fired her boss by e-mail.  Now, she’s making over six figures, which is over double what she has making at her job.

Many of Kristi’s family members are obese.  Her aunt decided to use Shakeology to make some extra money, and lost 52 lbs in one year just by drinking Shakeology without exercise.  Her dad has high blood pressure.  She’s been trying to get her dad to use Shakeology for 2 years.  He keeps giving her a price objection, but yesterday he finally said he was going to try it.  It just goes to show you that no never means no.

Beachbody Invades the House of Mouse

Beachbody Invades the House of Mouse


Jeff Hill – Dream big, and set goals around it.


Carl Daikeler was the next speaker.  He has been thinking about how to explain what we do in a nutshell.  He came up with the following.

  • “We create and distribute the best health and fitness solutions in the world and help people succeed with them.”

Beachbody revenue was over $600M last year.  Revenue from Coach network was $217M.  Carl’s goal is > $2B in the next 2 years.

People who join Beachbody and don’t embrace the 3 Vital Behaviors don’t stick around very long.  Carl thinks we can do 10x the volume and SC points we are doing.

When did junk food become the food supply?  We need to change that.  We need to create a new food supply.  We need to get people on Shakeology and Alkalinize.  We need to NOT apologize for the cost.

100,00 people a month drink Shakeology.  Carl challenged us to get 10x the number of current customers on Shakeology by Summit.  Carl’s dad refused to drink Shakeology for a couple years.  Carl basically told him he didn’t want to travel to the east coast to take care of him because he refused to drink Shakeology.  So finally, his dad agreed to drink it.  He’s currently drinking Vegan Tropical Strawberry.

Shaun T’s dance party Challenge Pack will be released in April – cost will be $160.  Will include Hip Hop Abs AND Rockin’ Body.

Annoucement: Beachbody Challenge will have a new landing page that will make inviting easier.  They will be able to select their goals, and the programs that apply to them will be highlighted.  They will then be able to select the right program and get started.

Carl is NOT asking us to recruit Coaches faster.  Rather, he’s asking us to help people get healthier faster.

FOCUS T25: Carl is more excited about this program than he has since P90X.  This program is 25 minutes with no breaks.  1st Phase – Alpha Phase 25 minutes/day, 5 days/week, 5 weeks.  Combines cardio and strength.  Beta Phase will be same amount of time but will be more core-related.  Other Phases will come in the future.  Need to run to the CORE at Summit to get your copy.  There will NOT be a pre-order.  Challenge Pack will be available this summer.


Tarah Carr – How to start Coaches

30-day Fast Track to Success Facebook Group.  Teach them the basics before speeding up.  Give them 7 days to complete the Coach Training Academy, and tell them not to contact you until the complete it.  Reverse engineer their goals.


Melissa McAllister – Shakeology: Selling Value.  Weight loss and disease (prescription prevention).  There are 2 important nutrients to know about.

1. Camu-camu – highest vitamin C fruit available – DIVA

D – Depression

I – Inflammation

V – Virus – vitamin C is great for keeping away colds and flu

A – Antioxidants

2. Sacha Inchi – high in Omega 3


M –

ADD – Low levels of Omega 3 makes learning harder

D – Disease – lowers cholesterol

D – Diabetes – helps keep blood sugar low

Coaches need a confident one-liner.  “Shakeology is a powerful accelerator for weight loss and can help you fight disease.”

Have a Reader’s Digest version of a personal Success Story.

Comparison or analogy.  E.g., unleaded vs. premium.  Car that requires premium gas, but put regular unleaded in it.  Instead of having a powerful machine, you would have a car that is slow, unreliable, and maybe unsafe for saving a few dollars.



David Ingram – Setting goals and achieving them.  Dream big, and get real.

David failed the first 20 years of his life.

Dream Big

1. Be specific

2. Make it visual – e.g., phone background, computer background

3. Include people close to you

Get read

1. Set realistic goals

2. Must be measurable

3. Must have a deadline

4. Continue raising the bar and setting new goals


Hillary Kelly – Duplication

Leading by example – making Success Club, advancing in rank, adding to your team, doing Challenge Groups, being an active Coach.

Mentoring and teaching

  • Recognize success – big and small – show them how you made success club
  • Know what drives them – goals and dreams
  • Show them the way – push them to grow
  • Push them to be better – help them to own it
  • Show them how to balance phases 1 and 2


Keynote speaker: Paul Zane Pilzer

  • Racial discrimination has been replaced with weight discrimination.
  • In the past, poverty was associated with thinness.  Now, it’s associated with obesity.
  • Economics created the obesity crisis.  We spend $3B/year on sickness (i.e., obesity) care.
  • Of a $15T economy $1.5T is the food industry.  The food industry makes its money by repeat selling.  It’s easier to sell to existing customers than to find new customers.  The best and brightest minds get up every day to figure out how to make you eat more.
  • Analogy – Eat 1 banana, eat 2nd banana enough.  Same with an orange.  How about McDonald’s fries.  There is no limit – they taste better as you eat more and more.
  • In the sickness industry, a doctor is known as a “technology dispenser.”  95% of prescriptions filled are designed to be taken the rest of your life.  These drugs don’t cure anything; they treat symptoms.
  • McD, Wendy’s, P&G, etc. are all in this together.  When someone becomes obese, they consume more calories.  There are enough calories to go around.
  • The laws of economics are stronger than the laws of any government or religion.
  • There’s a subgroup in the population who is getting more fit as they age.  This group is part of the wellness industry.
  • The healthcare industry has nothing to do with health.  They are really the sickness industry.  They treat symptoms.  The wellness industry provides proactive solutions to those who are already healthy.  Wellness industry is already a $700B industry.  The wellness industry is primed to radically change the way we live.
  • The wellness industry is growing 4x faster than the sickness industry.  Wellness will probably hit $1T in the next 2 years.
  • Baby boomers born 1946-1964 don’t accept aging.  They buy stuff like a retro t-bird that reminds them of their youth.
  • Quantity demand vs. quantity demand – Quantity demand is when you want more of a product you never knew existed.  Quality demand is when you want a better product than what you already have.
  • The best prospect for a sale is the person who says no, especially the one who bought a cheaper product.  There is currently a shift from quantity demand to quality demand.  Highest quality usually means the highest price.
  • Higher-ups in government, NIH etc., are currently are starting to recognize that preventing illness is cheaper than treating illness and is the only solution.
  • Paul loves Network Marketing.  Today, there are 10M millionaires.  They are the fastest growing minority, currently at 1.5M/year.
  • 9 out of 10 Forbes 400 list didn’t go to college.
  • Success is neither Nature nor Nuture.  10% is your genes, the rest is your decisions and motivation.
  • The unit of technology has shifted from the large computer to the individual or handheld device.
  • Ron Cose – The Nature of the Firm – the ultimate efficiency is everyone working for himself.  The firm shouldn’t exist at all.  Large corporate jobs don’t exist any more.  50% of the people you grew up with aren’t working now.  We are eliminating jobs with technology while maintaining the GDP.
  • Education is for learning how to live and make friends, not to get a job.
  • The only industry that invests in people is Network Marketing.  Network Marketing allows you to spend time with your family.  Network marketers are good at distribution.  Network marketers tell the truth, that the only way to wealth is through residual income.

Conclusion: We are in the middle of a perfect storm with a product, diet and exercise, that works.  Paul is disappointed that we are so small and he thinks we will begin to affect public policy when we pass $1B in sales.  He is proud of us and will brag that he spoke at a Beachbody conference and there were only a couple thousand people there.  People will begin to realize that they need to have their own business; it will not be a matter of whether they want one.


Chris Widener

Chris spoken to many network marketing companies and has tried many products.  He has tried many and bought few.  His family has been using Shakeology for 2 years and loves it.  Chris’ favorite flavor is greenberry.

Chris has interviewed many successful people.  Success boils down to one question: Why is it some people succeed and others don’t?

Everybody wants:

  • $1M in their bank account
  • Loving relationship
  • Kids who grow up to be productive members of society
  • Live a long and healthy life

So why do some have these things and others don’t?  As Paul stated earlier, it’s not Nature vs. Nurture.  It’s not family, environment, or college.


Chris Widener – afternoon session of 2013 Beachbody Disney Success Club Conference and Celebration

In 5 years, you will become a product of the people around you and the books you read.  Most of your success in life boils down to how you relate with other people.  If you can’t relate to people, you can’t be successful in life.  The secret to success is learning how to related to people, specifically in terms of influence.  Influence is the ability to change another person’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  There is also a width and depth of influence (“sphere of influence”).  If you are going to grow your business, you want your width and depth of influence wider and deeper.

People want to know what to do, but it is more important to know what to be.  Unless you become an attractive person on the inside, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside.  People do business with people you like.  People do business with you because of who you are, not because of what you do.  There are 4 things you need to gain to be able to influence people:

  • Trust – Integrity breeds trust.  You have to live a life of integrity.  We have an integrity problem in the U.S., but no one will admit they’re part of the problem.  Integrity is operating from a single set of morals, ethics, and values.
  • Admiration – Attitude breeds admiration.
  • Loyalty – Service brings loyalty.  Put people’s needs before yours.  You can have anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want out of life.  This is the opposite of the way most of most of the world works.  The sweetest sound on earth to a person is their own name.
  • Respect – You can respect through excellence.  Wheaties is a piece of toasted wheat, but people eat them because Michael Jordan eats them.  Other shoes have the same technology as Nike, but people want them because Jordan wears them.  Gatorade is sugar water with food coloring, but people want it vs. the competitor because Jordan drinks it.  Same with the underwear.  Excellence combined with a product influences.  You are the product.  If you are living a standard of excellence, people will be attracted to you.  Excellence is attractive.

Are you really an optimist?  Do you really believe that things can get better?  Your attitude is your choice.  Nothing else matters.  We need to lend our optimism to people sometimes.  We need to lend some hope to them.  You can literally breathe life into people.  Listen to yourself talk.  Example positive attitude: “If I were any better, I’d be twins.”

You can say words, and you can cause another person’s brain to release chemicals without their permission.

If where I am now is the sum of my decisions up until now, where I want to be will also be the sum of the choices I will make.  We are selling discipline, and discipline delivers results.  You can either have discipline or regret.


Michael Niemend – 802,000 customers were assigned in 2012.

Shelly Perressee – How do we convert leads to Coaches?  If you just ask a customer lead to become a Coach, they are unlikely.  When one of the leads buys Shakeology, they are 10% likely to become a Coach.  Out of 22,000 Shakeology orders, 90% purchased in first 30 days.  Only 10% ordered after that.  So we really need to convert leads to customers, not Coaches.

So how do we convert leads to customers?  Day 0 – customer messaging

  • A Coach is FREE
  • A Coach is a customer just like you


  • Wait
  • Be too excited.  Not too many exclamations or emoticons.
  • Assume no response is a no.


  • Have a standard e-mail crafted.  Test it 20 times and track.
  • Banish should have, could have, maybe, if you would, wouldn’t mind, it would be great if, would you mind, I’d like if.

Slides to be disseminated.  Day one Coach introduction e-mail looks really good.  Hi, my name is Stewart Forscher, and I am your FREE Team Beachbody Coach.  I started as a customer just like you in February 2010…

Start now, see results sooner.  E-mail, text, call week 1.  Same in weeks 2 and 3.  Follow the format.  If they don’t open the box when they get it, they probably never will.  Leads will be unrestricted.


Lauren Knight – Posture and confidence.

  • Don’t dilute your message to reach the masses.
  • Focus on what makes you unique.
  • Perceived perfection = no connection


Yours In Success,


Stewart Forscher, Team Get Super Fit


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