Asylum Volume 2

You Dug Deep with INSANITY.  You went in and won with Asylum Volume 1.  Now, Asylum Volume 2 is in the works and is scheduled has been released as of FALL 2012.  To use Shaun T’s words, this program is “mayhem.”  INSANITY Asylum Volume 2 is all about the skills you learned in Asylum Volume 1 and taking them onto the playing field.  Get ready to go in!



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I completed this program in January 2013 and can’t say enough good things about it. Asylum Volume 2 is a phenomenal program and just as good as the first!


Oh and if you haven’t completed Asylum Volume 1 yet, you will want to do so before you do Asylum Volume 2.  Check out our Asylum Volume 1 Review here, and you may purchase Asylum Volume 1 here.