The Truth About Eating Late at Night

One subject that people mention to me often when I’m speaking with them about losing weight, getting in shape, and getting healthy is eating late at night. And usually in the conversation, the individual refers to eating late at night as a bad thing or something that is preventing them from reaching their goals. They may come out and say “I have a problem with eating late at night,” or their tone of voice may imply that they feel eating late at night is preventing them from reaching their goals.

Is Eating Late At Night Bad?

Here’s the truth. Healthy foods in the correct portions are always good for you, regardless of the time of day. On the flip side, processed foods will wreck your health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The nutritional value of the food is much more important than the time of day it is consumed, if the time even matters at all, which I don’t think it does. I’m unaware of any research that indicates that eating late at night causes weight gain.

Some people who are not following a solid and sustainable nutrition plan such as the 21 Day Fix may have problems with nighttime eating or nighttime cravings because they didn’t get all the nutrients they needed to fuel themselves during the day. This can results in binge eating of less-than-stellar foods late at night in an attempt to compensate. I get it; I used to do that before I was able to really get a grip on my nutrition.

3 Tips to Prevent Binge Eating Late at Night

Tip #1: Eat every 3-4 hours during the day. This works for me, and I believe it works for most people. Eating smaller meals/snacks every 3-4 hours instead of 3 larger meals will help keep your blood sugar stable.

Tip #2: Supplement. Experts say that cravings are caused by a deficiency of one or more nutrients. A sensible supplement plan will help ensure you get all the nutrients you need so these cravings won’t happen. I’m very knowledgeable about supplements so if you need advice, I can help you.

Tip #3: Water. Sipping water throughout the day will keep your body operating optimally and will keep you feeling full. I start drinking water as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. I notice on occasion that when I fail to drink water for a while, I tend to feel not only tired but hungrier than normal.

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