The Results Are In (Photos Inside) and All I Can Say Is WOW!

One of the things I love about coaching is the specific set of tools and systems we have to help ourselves and others live a healthy lifestyle not just now, but for a lifetime. This is me Monday and Thursday morning. Big difference, right?  These results are thanks to my favorite 3-day cleansing diet.  This is my 4th time doing it, and wow!
Man, it feels so much better to have a flat belly!

Man, it feels so much better to have a flat belly!

I must have been pretty bloated because I lost 3.2 lbs and 1 inch off my waist. I feel so much better! 💪 I’m super-proud of my wife and the rest of you guys who did this with me (Becky, Maggie, Shirley, Rhonda). 👊🏻 That wasn’t easy but was so worth it. 🏻 Thank you for the text group. It really helped me. 🙌🏼📱 Now it’s very important that we keep those healthy habits going. I know you can do this!

Here are some of the results
  • Stewart down 3.2 lbs
  • Ashlee down 2 lbs (and then another 3 lbs on the 4th day for a total of 5 and counting)
  • Becky down 3.4 lbs
  • Shirley down 3 lbs
  • Maggie down 3.5 lbs
Us coaches are not perfect. We get off track and sometimes like to indulge a bit, especially during the holidays. My family owns a cabin in the mountains and went there for New Years. My wife made this incredible breakfast casserole (with all clean and organic ingredients, but still) and my niece’s boyfriend was there and brought some incredible homemade meat pies and a cake. His mom is really into cooking and baking and sends him with food anywhere he goes.
So I got off track a bit. But guess what? As a coach, instead of “dieting” and “trying to eat healthy and exercise,” I have a specific 3-day cleanse tool at my disposal with predictable results that I can use to get right back on track. Boom.
Just wanted to share. This is the tip of the iceberg and is one small example of how coaching can improve the quality of your life.  Ashlee and I will be doing this cleanse again February 8-10, and we are forming a group of people who will do it with us and participate in our next text group.  To join, contact me and let me know you’ll be participating.  I’ll reply with next steps.  We are even considering doing this cleanse monthly this year.  More on that later.
Our text group was awesome for advice and accountability

Our text group was awesome for advice and accountability

I learn something new every time I do this cleanse.  Here’s what I learned this time.

  • Zevia is a great Coach Stewart-approved addition to have with lunch or dinner.
  • The hot tea options are great for this cleanse, especially in the winter.  I drank 2-3 cups of green tea per day.
  • We did stir fry for all 3 dinners this time around.  It was so good!
  • Even though it’s not part of the official eating plan, be sure to add Bragg Liquid Aminos to your stir fry.  It’s the secret ingredient that makes your stir fry taste amazing!
  • Add cinnamon to Vanilla Fresh Shake to make it taste better.  Thanks to Becky for that tip!

If you’re ready for an amazing jumpstart to feel better and reduce bloat in only 3 days, I highly recommend that you join our February 8 group.  You won’t regret it!





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