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3-Day Cleanse Shopping List

Now that I have done the 3-day cleanse 5 times, I decided to put together a convenient shopping list for you.  The program comes with options for veggies, fruits, and healthy fats but no specific shopping list per se.  So… your dear Coach Stewart has you covered.  This list contains my favorite choices when doing […]

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How to Make a Healthy Cup of Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is a controversial drink.  Although studies have shown coffee to have some health benefits, coffee gets a bad rap because of: The caffeine – although good for alertness, too much can be unhealthy Coffee is acidic – studies have shown that you are more susceptible to disease when your body is […]

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How to Eat a Healthy Diet

Prior to starting my healthy lifestyle journey and overcoming my anxiety and health issues through nutrition and exercise, I had no clue how to eat a healthy diet.  I grew up in a very processed food environment, and nutrition was not a priority in my family at all.  When I was a kid, our guideline […]

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The Truth About Eating Late at Night

One subject that people mention to me often when I’m speaking with them about losing weight, getting in shape, and getting healthy is eating late at night. And usually in the conversation, the individual refers to eating late at night as a bad thing or something that is preventing them from reaching their goals. They […]

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A Healthy Soda Your Kids Can Drink

I wanted to share one of my favorite products. It’s a healthy soda your kids can drink, and it’s called Zevia. I discovered this product a few years ago and absolutely love it because it’s a healthy alternative that keeps my family happy. Some of the things I like about it: It doesn’t have any […]

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