T25 Results

Our T25 Challenge Group is now DONE!  The results are remarkable!  Here are a few of the results:



Coach Lisa’s Results

  • “I got to say I sincerely did not know how much I had changed until I put the pictures side by side, and I am proud of my progress. I lost 10 lbs approximately with T 25 and 2 inches off my stomach and waist and it feels awesome!”

Lisa's T25 Challenge Results

Lisa’s T25 Challenge Results


Tamara’s Results

It shows that I have lost a lot of that belly I had from the triplet pregnancy and not eating well. My stats are below. So happy with the results. I had some people at church come up to me and call me skinny or tell me that I look like a super model instead of a mother of four. You cannot tell that from these pics though. I feel so good about myself and am enjoying my clothes again! Bring on Gamma!!!
Before stats:
Chest 36 1/2
Waist 37 1/2
Arms 11 1/4
Thighs 21 3/4

Chest 32 1/2
Waist 32 1/2
Arms 10 1/2
thigh 21

Tamara's T25 Challenge Results

Tamara’s T25 Challenge Results


Maggie’s Results

  • Down 18 lbs in 4.5 months going through our Slim in 6 and T25 Challenges and drinking Shakeology
Maggie's Slim in 6 and T25 Challenge Results

Maggie’s Slim in 6 and T25 Challenge Results

Coach Chris’ Results

Weight 255 239.6
Chest 43.5 39
Waist 43.5 39.5
Hips 51.5 48.5
Arms L 15 R14.5 L 14 R 13
Thighs L31.5 R 31 L&R 26.5
Really happy with the stats.

Julie’s Results

Weight 147.5 to 144
Chest 39 to 37.5
Arms 12 to 11.25
Waist 37 to 32.5
Hips 40.5 to 37
Thighs 22 to 21.25

Coach Christina’s Results

Before stats:
Weight: 162
Chest: 36
Waist: 36
Arms: 13
Thighs: 22

Weight: 154
Chest: 35.5
Waist: 34
Arms: 12.5
Thighs: 21.5

Coach Christina's T25 Challenge Results - down 8 lbs in 10 weeks doing T25 and drinking Shakeology

Coach Christina’s T25 Challenge Results – down 8 lbs in 10 weeks doing T25 and drinking Shakeology

Coach Jamie’s Results

In 10 weeks, down 11 lbs, 8 overall inches and down to the “obese” category for BMI!!

Coach Jamie's T25 Challenge Results

Coach Jamie’s T25 Challenge Results

Coach Jamie - down 11 lbs in 10 weeks doing T25 and drinking Shakeology - down 50+ lbs this year doing Beachbody programs and drinking Shakeology

Coach Jamie – down 11 lbs in 10 weeks doing T25 and drinking Shakeology – down 50+ lbs this year doing Beachbody programs and drinking Shakeology

Other highlights from Week 10

“Well tried to post a picture but couldn’t get it to work. I think I forgot to post yesterday. Love dynamic core. Can tell a big difference in my abs…. Much tighter! Speed 2.0 and Ript circuit done. I made without skipping any workouts!!! So happy that I have done this for myself! I Feel tons better about myself, am eating healthier, wearing clothes I could not get in when I started, am getting off of some medication I was on. Feel great all around!!!!” – Tamara E.

“Last time. Week 10: day 5: double day. I can’t believe I did it. All 10 weeks. It may be just another program to some but for me it was everything. I’ve never stuck with anything this long. I owe it to Shaun T for motivating me in a way no other has and more so to this group. Seeing your posts every day, feeling accountable to the group made all the difference. I still have a ways to go but I finally feel like I’ve started something great. Thank you. See you all in the gamma phase. Finally weighed myself. Down 13.2 lbs. and a total of 7 inches, not bad.” – Vanessa C.

“Focus T25 Day 68/68, Alpha, Beta, double Rip’t Circuit and Speed 2.0 DONE! Great sense of accomplishment completing this program. So glad I Decided to spend the less than $2/day on myself and Committed to completing the program start to finish with no skipped workouts. I Succeeded in having tighter abs, improved cardio and endurance, and better coordination and balance. I also enjoyed reading Eat to Live by Dr.Joel Fuhrman in parallel with this program and learned some nutritional ideas to help me move forward. Next up, 8 weeks of T25 Gamma.

We still have our The Team Get Super Fit T25 Elite group going with over 100 members. Message me if you’d like to find out what’s going on and join. We also have a few other groups coming up soon, some free, some not. Message me if you’d like to learn about those and get involved as well.” – Stewart F.

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