Shakeology Reviews

I constantly receive Shakeology reviews from those to whom I’ve had the privilege of introducing Shakeology.  Here is the latest round of Shakeology reviews that have been sent to me.

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Yummy Taste

  • I love my vegan chocolate shakeology with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, half a cup of water, and some frozen strawberries and blueberries. Highly recommended! – Liz R.
  • Tried a new shakeology this am: added organic unsalted peanut butter and a banana to the chocolate shakeology with a little ice and almond milk. Yummy! Work out done, off to celebrate a birthday with a friend by attending a body pump class at the Y, note normally we would have gathered for lunch but we attempting to change our habits. Two serious work outs in one day – this might be a first for me. – Lynn M.
  • Day three…still on track but feeling very uncoordinated. That ab work out might be one of the toughest I’ve done. Very fast. Off to drink my cup o chocolate frosting …I mean shakeology. – Lori P.
  • Last night I dreamed I was at Stewart and Ashlee’s house for a dinner party and they served me Shakeology. And I didn’t even get my own – I had to share it with someone else! – Andie K.
  • I’m addicted to shakeology. I love it. The new recipe sheet arrived with the newest shipment, and I want to try all of them! – Lynnea M.
Shakeology Reviews

Shakeology Reviews

Increased Energy

  • Weird observation: so today I did my workout w shakeology used afterwards…I wasn’t there mentally or physically, actually got depressed… Then had shakeology and my mood and motivation came back…I want to yoga now…what’s the deal? I love it – Neil N.
  • Was just crashing but now I feel much better after a chocolate shakeology with banana! Yummy! – Ashlee F.
  • Just wanted to let you guys know.. I was sitting here answering messages and I turned to my boyfriend and was like “wow! I feel really great right now.” and honestly, 100%, I believe it is because I drank Shakeology an hour ago. I feel on top of the world. 🙂 -Amanda S.
  • Stewart I LOVED it and I was sooo energized, it was awesome!! -Becky W.

Improved Workout Performance

  • Prior to drinking Shakeology I was little skeptical about results the product states it delivers and the taste, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. Now I can’t go a day without it! My favorite recipe is chocolate vegan with 1 banana, almond butter, almond milk and ice. I have been drinking Shakeology for the past 2 months everyday prior to my workouts in the mornings. I can honeslty say that Shakeology gives me the energy I need to push through my workouts! – Anastasia S.
  • Workout part one is done…I love the shakeology shakes! My mom did the part one with me and I am trying to get her to do part 2:) We laughed a lot together! – Jessica A.
  • Just finished some Yoga X and now I’m enjoying some shakeology for breakfast. – Maria E.
  • Workout is complete and shakeology will be a mid afternoon snack. 🙂 – Dawn B.

Superior Ingredients

  • Having fun comparing morning shake recipes with my father-in-law.  Him, pulling out a big 5 lb. bag: “I put Chia in my smoothie, it’s a new super-food.” Me, with my shakeology label pulled up on my iPhone: “Yep, that’s already in mine too.” Etc., etc., etc.  LOL!! – Lisa B.
  • Unless you are a true plant-based vegan or a rabbit lol, you can be assured that there is NO way you are possibly getting all the servings of 70 diff superfoods and vegetables/fruits/nuts/legumes in Shakeology…People that think they are eating clean often really are not. Unless everything they buy is organic, says NON-GMO…they are not eating clean. – Mikki D. (nutritionist)

Help With Weight Loss

  • I love the fact that my size 16 shorts were once my tight short and now they are falling off my hips! Thank you shakeology and Beachbody! (BBL AND P90X) – Debbie K.

Improved Nutrition/Overall Health

  • Ok never had issues with my cholesterol but wanted to share some good facts. Around 2 yrs ago my cholesterol was 160. Since then I’ve started Shakeology daily, am a P90X grad and almost an INSANITY Grad (friday). Had my cholesterol checked a month ago and its down to 144. I believe its due to the changes I’ve made with these programs and Shakeology. Thx Stewart Forscher for introducing these into my life. – Christina K.
  • Workout I, complete! Shakeology for breakfast as usual. Antiquing for the afternoon! Happy New Year! (still trying to accomplish eating more often to speed up metabolism, but I’ll get there!) 🙂 – Whitney H.
  • Back home from a wedding vacation to Illinois. started back with SIU today. feels good to be getting back in the groove. Was nice to travel with shakeology and be able to continue that throughout the week. – Susan H.
  • Sounds like everyone is doing great! My first day was great except I realized halfway through my workout I was doing the wrong one. I sweated when I should have sculpted. So I will sculpt today instead of sweat. Also did Shakeology for breakfast both mornings and ate healthy the rest of the day! I also got a good motivation boost yesterday when I received my high school reunion invite for August! – Theresa K.


  • Great, I have been using this and it has been working The thing is, it should work because ShakeO is amazing! People in my challenge group right now are drinking it daily and LOVING it! It’s so great to see, and I love spreading the love! – Leah B.


  • FYI I am a coach now but I will tell you when I thought about buying it (prior to signing up as a coach) I was very skeptical that a “shake” could do all the things it claimed….I will tell you the pros….decreased junk food cravings (I was shocked…it was an amazing feeling not having cravings…I don’t know what they put in there), easy lunch where I don’t have to worry if it’s balanced, too much, to little etc…and it’s delicious, after about two weeks of using it my family got sick a couple times and I did not…not even a sniffle…I do not take a multi-vitamin anymore and I believe the shakeology is boosting my immune system, I have lost 10lbs in 4wks, part shakeology because of portion control done for me and part clean eating and working out…last but not least it’s delicious…I went back to another protein powder when I ran out and I almost choked (it was Tera’s organic whey) I guess I never knew what I was missing
  • Cons….at $120/month it definitely is not cheap but I use it as my lunch so I get my money’s worth since I can’t get a decent, healthy lunch for less than $6 when at work…and daily shakeology is cheaper than that….last but not least I only like it with ice, in a blender so I have a little mini blender I can take to work with me or make it ahead of time and put in the fridge at work. – Deanna K.

So there you have it!  So many folks out there are enjoying the wide range of benefits of Shakeology.  If you would like to try Shakeology yourself, click below to order.  Shakeology is backed by a money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose and all of the above benefits to gain!  When you do decide to order, please send me your Shakeology reviews after you try it.

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5 Responses to “Shakeology Reviews”

  1. January 2, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    All I know is that I haven’t been able to work out for 4 months (torn ACL and surgery to repair it) and I’ve LOST weight by continuing to use my Shakeology every day! I don’t know what I would do without it!! 🙂

    • Coach Stewart
      January 3, 2013 at 1:48 am #

      So sorry about your injury, Domari! I hope you get well soon. Those are some great Shakeology results you have going though! Thanks for the comment!

  2. January 3, 2013 at 4:21 am #

    Great post! Love Shakeology! Was very skeptical about it when my wife and I started on it, but after using it for a week straight neither one of us could imagine living without it!

    • Coach Stewart
      January 3, 2013 at 11:16 am #

      Great thanks for your comments about these Shakeology reviews, Harry. I’m glad Shakeology is working well for you and your wife!

  3. January 3, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    Shakeology is amazing!!

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