My Early P90X3 Review


Did my first P90X3 workout, Total Synergistics, this morning. ‘Felt it! ‘LOVED IT! Watched the intro DVD and started reading the nutrition guide. My early review is that this program incorporates a lot of the lessons learned, best practices, and latest research since the original P90X 10 years ago. As such, it’s a much more comprehensive system than the original. When done with a group like this, the results can be nothing short of super-duper!

A few notes:

  • Any time you do something new, it is unfamiliar and even awkward at first. I found some of the moves in Total Syn tricky and I sucked. This is a good thing because if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
  • Women or those who aren’t good at pullups need to have a plan to do pullup motions effectively. You need a chair, pullup assist, and/or go with the resistance band attached to door attachment or other attachment option. If a pullup variation is tricky, just start with a standard pullup (assisted) during that particular exercise.

Let’s great ready to Bring It!


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Stewart Forscher, Team Get Super Fit


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