How to Make a Healthy Cup of Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is a controversial drink.  Although studies have shown coffee to have some health benefits, coffee gets a bad rap because of:

  • The caffeine – although good for alertness, too much can be unhealthy
  • Coffee is acidic – studies have shown that you are more susceptible to disease when your body is acidic
  • Not the coffee itself but the junk such as sugar, toxic creamers, etc. that most people add to coffee

Most reasonable people agree that coffee is okay in moderation, so let me show you how to make a healthy cup of coffee.

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How to Make a Healthy Cup of Coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Organic coffee
  • Stevia
  • Unsweetened almond milk (vanilla flavor)
  1. Brew coffee
  2. Add stevia and almond milk
  3. Stir and enjoy!



  • You want to make sure and use filtered water instead of tap because tap water has chlorine, fluoride, and other things beyond the scope of this article
  • I prefer to use organic coffee instead of conventional to avoid pesticides
  • Stevia is the gold standard of sweeteners. Choose a brand such as Sweet Leaf as opposed to some of the fakers out there.
  • My favorite brand of almond milk is Silk. Blue Diamond is good too, but it has carageenan which I’ve read some nasty things about. I recommend the vanilla flavor vs. the plain because… it gives your coffee a much better flavor (bonus tip: I use it in my shakes too)


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