9 Foods Not to Give Your Kids

9 foods not to give your kids

1. Chicken nuggets/tenders (HFCS, fat, salt, GMOs, MSG, hydrogenated oil causes heart attacks)
Alternative: Applegate brand

2. Sugary cereal (HFCS, sugar causes diabetes, artificial colors, GMOs, empty calories)
Alternative: Brand such as Cascadian Farms from healthfood aisle or vitacost.com


3. Lunch meat and hot dogs (carcinogenic nitrates and nitrites, sodium, saturated fat, and artificial colors and fillers)
Alternative: Applegate brand

4. Juice and juice-flavored drinks (HFCS, sugar causes diabetes, artificial colors)
Alternative: Piece of fruit, I occasionally buy my kids juice boxes from Trader Joe’s

5. French fries (acrylamide, hydrogenated oil causes heart attacks, salt, empty calories)
Alternative: Baked fries from health food aisle such as Cascadian Farms

6. Potato chips, Cheetos, Doritos, etc. (MSG, GMOs, sodium, hydrogenated oil causes heart attacks, acrylamide)
Alternative: Brand such as Garden of Eatin’ from health food aisle


7. Fruit leather (HFCS, bright artificial colors
Alternative: Fruit, raisins, Annie’s fruit snacks in moderation

8. Doughnuts (HFCS, hydrogenated oil causes heart attacks, sugar causes diabetes, empty calories)
Alternative: No-bake Shakeology cookies

9. Pizza (MSG, carcinogenic nitrates and nitrites, empty calories, refined carbs cause diabetes)
Alternative: Newman’s Own pizza or homemade pizza w/ organic pizza sauce and Daiya Vegan cheese


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