10 Benefits of Hemp Oil

Since becoming 35 lbs healthier 6 years ago, I have developed quite a passion for learning about the power of plants to enable the human body to thrive. Unfortunately, most Americans hardly consume any plants at all. I’m glad you’re reading this blog because that means you have an interest in health and plant power. Please pass your knowledge along to others.

Unlike most vegetable oils, industrial hemp oil is not used for cooking. It is used as a supplement, taken via dropper under the tongue.

Industrial hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa species grown specifically for industrial uses of its derived products.

Although industrial hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis sativa species, they have distinct chemical compositions and use. Unique to industrial hemp is the high amounts of phytocannabiniods, often referred to as CBD, an abbreviation for cannabidoil. According to researchers, CBD may possibly be the most important cannabinoid.



CBD regulates ECS (the endocannabinoid system).   While clinical studies pend, CBD products are being tested for treatment of ADHD, seizures/movement disorders, appetite suppression,  memory, antianxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, to name a few.

Crazy, right? Again, would you please share this information with others who desire knowledge to empower themselves to be healthy.







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